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Our on-going commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is evident with recent major investments such a large increased plate inventory, new alloys and product lines, the purchase of new state-of-the-art processing equipment, and extensive facility upgrades and expansions. Today’s complex and ever changing markets demand companies be agile, flexible and have the processing capacity needed to keep them competitive. Our customers require machine ready near net shapes thereby increasing their production capabilities and reducing inventory investment. UPM has a full complement of value-added plate processing solutions including laser cutting, shearing, waterjet cutting, and cold saw cutting ensuring the materials you receive meet all your specific requirements.  Rest assured, our products are purchased from the highest quality mills in the world and are fully certified and DFARS compliant. UPM’s customer quality approvals include GE Aircraft Engine (GT 193), General Electric Power, Honeywell, Unison, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney (LCS-Appendix 36 and SQAR), Bloom Energy, Siemens, Eaton, LISI Aerospace, Toshiba ASL, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, GKN Aerospace, Leonardo, Zimmer/Biomet, NuVasive Spine, ACUMED, and Globus Medical.  

Precision Cold Saw Cutting

Our Oakland facility specializes in precision cold saw plate cutting. This process virtually eliminates the heat affected zones often incurred as part of the plasma cutting process and minimizes labor time and expense.  Precision cold saw cutting produces square and parallel edges at standard length and width tolerances flattened, deburred and machine ready.  Have questions about our cold saw cutting process? Connect with our Oakland Team by contacting


Product Inventory Size Range Datasheet
625 0.1875" - 2.000" 625 Data Sheet
718 0.1875" - 2.000" 718 Data Sheet
Alloy X 0.250" - 3.000" Alloy X Data Sheet
C263 0.1875" C263 Data Sheet


Product Inventory Size Range Datasheet
CP Grade 2 0.250" - 0.500" CP Grade 2 Data Sheet
CP Grade 4 0.250" - 0.625" CP Grade 4 Data Sheet
Ti-6AL-4V 0.250" - 4.000" Ti-6AL-4V Data Sheet
Ti-6AL-4V ELI 0.250" - 1.000" Ti-6AL-4V ELI Data Sheet

Stainless Steel

Product Inventory Size Range Datasheet
17-4 PH 0.1875" - 2.500" 17-4 PH Data Sheet
17-7 PH 0.1875" 17-7 PH Data Sheet
303 0.1875" - 4.000" 303 Data Sheet
304 0.1875" - 2.000" 304 Data Sheet
304L 0.1875" - 2.000" 304 Data Sheet
321 0.1875" - 0.250" 321 Data Sheet
410 0.1875" - 1.000" 410 Data Sheet
416 0.1875" - 4.000" Not available
440C 0.1875" - 2.500" 440C Data Sheet


Product Inventory Size Range Datasheet
PRODEC® Type 304/304L 0.1875" - 3.500" Prodec 304 / 304L Data Sheet
PRODEC® Type 316/316L 0.1875" - 3.500" Prodec 316 / 316L Data Sheet