Metal Boring Services

The Boring process is used to enlarging a hole that has been previously drilled out.  Also called internal turning, the boring process improves the accuracy the holes' diameter tolerances.

Key Benefits of Boring

  • The boring tool corrects off-center holes origianlly created by drills and brings them to the desired straightness.
  • Boring will create a hole that is concentiric with the outside diamter of the material. 
  • By adjusting the boring tool, the required hole size and finish can be achieved.  

Types of Metal Boring

Boring types include horizontal and vertical, lineboring, backboring, finish boring and counter-boring. They can be made of steel, carbide-reinforced steel or solid carbide.  The most efficient boring operations have stable, rigid tools which allow the boring bar to reach well into the parts and remove stock.  The boring process is used in many industries including Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Industrial.