Titanium Grade 3, Sheet & Coil, AMS 4900 (CP Grade 3) - UNS R50550

Commercially Pure or CP Titanium in unalloyed.  Grade 3 is a general purpose grade of commercially pure titanium that has excellent corrosion resistance in highly oxidizing to mildly reducing environments, including chlorides, and an excellent strength to weight ratio.  Grade 3 titanium features the highest ASME allowable design stresses of any commercially pure grade of titanium.  It has good impact properties at low temperatures.  It can be welded, machined, cold worked, hot worked, and cast.

CP Grade 3 Inventory Size Ranges


0.012" - 0.063"

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0.012" - 0.063"

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Standard Inventory Specifications

  • UNS R50550
  • AMS 4900
  • ASTM F 67
  • ASTM B265
  • DFARS Compliant
  • MIL-T 9046

Common Trade Names

  • Grade 3 Titanium
  • Gr. 3 Titanium
  • CP 3 Titanium

Common Applications of CP Grade 3

  • Aerospace structures
  • Chemical processing
  • Medical industry
  • Marine industry

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition of CP Grade 3 Titanium
Element Percent by Weight
N Nitrogen 0.05% max
C Carbon 0.08% max
O Oxygen 0.35% max
Fe Iron 0.30% max
H Hydrogen 0.015% max
Ti Titanium Remainder
- Res. Each 0.1% max
- Res. Total 0.4% max
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Physical Properties of CP Grade 3 Titanium

Physical Property

T (°F)

T (°C)


Value (SI)




0.163 lb/in3

4.512 g/cm3

Beta Transus





Thermal Conductivity



151.2 Btu-in/hr-ft²- °F


Electrical Resistivity



21 μΩ∙in

.53 μΩ∙m

Magnetic Permeability




Mean Coefficient of



4.8x10¯⁶in in¯¹°F¯¹

8.6x10¯⁶m m¯¹°C¯¹

Thermal Expansion



5.3x10¯⁶in in¯¹°F¯¹

9.5x10¯⁶m m¯¹°C¯¹



5.4x10¯⁶in in¯¹°F¯¹

9.7x10¯⁶m m¯¹°C¯¹

Elastic Modulus



15.2-17.4 Msi


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Mechanical Properties of CP Grade 3 Titanium


Ksi (MPa)

.02% YS

Ksi (MPa)



85 (595)

65 (450)



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