Metal Shearing

Shearing is the process of cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger roll or flat stock.  As the material moves through the shear machine, cutting blades come together in order to fracture the material into separate, smaller pieces.  This process creates quality clean cuts that can be repeated quickly.  Typical shear machines are categorized as 'Guillotine' or 'Swing Beam', and basic operations methods are referred to as 'Mechanical' or 'Hydraulic'. 

Benefits of Shear Processing

Shearing provides a straight line cut to flat sheet stock, usually made of stainless or aluminum materials.  The cut is cleaner than other methods like torch cutting, and there is no burning or melting of the primary material and no loss of material overall.  Shear machines can cut small lengths at a time and have large output in a short timeframe. This can be advantageous when a large volume of simple shapes is desired.

Why Choose Shear Processing with UPM?

  • Our trained operators work hard to maintain our customers’ most exacting size, square and flatness requirements.
  • We offer PVC protection to eliminate scratches.
  • Our 36” x 48” sheet easily ships via FedEx for your most pressing needs.