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Our FIRSTCUT+® Processing Services include Precision Shearing, Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting, Slitting, Edging, Cut-To-Length/Leveling, Water Jet Cutting, Laser Cutting, and Precision Sawing.

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  • A Cut-To-Length line will uncoil the material, level it, and then cut it to the required length and stack it.

    We can custom line mark sheets to MILS, AMS and ASTM standards. We also can insert paper or vinyl protection

  • Edging Process

    Strips of steel may require specific edge conditioning and are rolled to smooth the edges and remove burrs.

    Our in-house edging capabilities include the ability to deliver a #1 round and #5 partial or full square skived edge.  2R and 3R groove inserts are available as well as traverse wound coils based on your customers' requests.

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting uses a beam emitted from a laser tube reflected by mirrors in the laser head and a lens that finely focuses the beam onto the material surface for precise cutting. 

    UPM offers a state-of-the-art, 6kW fiber laser and a CO2 laser, each backed with approvals from Nadcap and General Electric.  We also offer leveling and deburring services, reverse engineering and state-of-the art inspection with our Virtek Laser QC scanner.  Click here to watch our new laser video. 

  • Flat or even surfaces are ensured through our in-house leveling capabilities.  Our skilled operators are experts at surface inspection, maintaining flatness and performing shape correction.

    The inventory at United Performance Metals is carefully checked with calibrated micrometers on the edge of the sheet and in the center crown area.

  • Plasma Cutting

    In Plasma Cutting, a column of electrically charged gas creates a high-energy arc, which melts the material being worked in a narrow path.

    Our Messer Hi-definition plasma cutter is capable of cutting stainless and nickel plate up to 5” thick

  • We utilize band saws, cold saws, and plate saws to provide the flexibility to tackle almost any cutting requirement, regardless of size.

  • Metal Shearing

    Shearing is the process of cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger roll or flat stock.  Using an angled moving blade, the shear cuts progressively across the sheet in a guillotine-like action.

    Our 36" x 48" sheet easily ships via FedEx for your most pressing needs.  We offer PVC protection to eliminate scratches.

  • Comprehensive slitting capabilities

    Slitting is the process of cutting larger width coils into narrower width coils to meet a customers’ demands.

    With five slitters including 12”, 18” turret, 18” light gauge, 24” and 50”, we have one of the most comprehensive slitting operations in the country.

  • Water Jet Cutting

    A waterjet uses a high pressure stream of water combined with a granular additive.  As the pressurized mixture passes through a small diameter nozzle, it forms a coherent jet of abrasive/water moving at very high speeds which will erode a narrow line in a stock material.

    Streamline your manufacturing process by receiving near net shapes and blanks

  • United Performance Metals employs industry leading packaging solutions to protect your order. All of our crates and skids are produced from high quality Hardwood and Southern Yellow Pine.

    In addition to several standard size skids and crates, we are also equipped to build custom sizes to meet your specific requirements. Ocean, Air and ground packaging is also available.


  • Trepanning is a drilling process typically used on larger diameter bars which leaves a solid core instead of boring which removes material in the form of chips. The solid core may then be used on other orders saving you money. Trepanning is a rough size process which is usually then followed by a honing process for finish, or further machining. Trepanning is a deep hole drilling process that has broad application over many industries including, Aerospace, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Industrial. 

    United Performance Metals offers trepanning from 5.00" - 12.00" on center & off center up to 200" long.

  • United Performance Metals also offers finishing options to its laser customers by incorporating a Timesaver® high-production deburring machine.  For those customers who would like to include finishing options, parts can be laser cut and then transferred to the Timesaver®.  This machine further removes small burrs and imperfections.  The end result is a high quality, finished part that will move quickly through the next stage of its production.

  • Heat treating of metals is one of the most significant process for making alloys and metals usable in further processes like forming, bending, machining, sheet metal forming etc.  There are five principal types of heat treating of nickel alloys; annealing, stress relieving, stress equalizing, solution treating, and age hardening. When heat treating nickel alloys, the heat treatment is designed to produce a recrystallized grain structure and softening in work-hardened alloys.  Annealing usually requires temperatures between 705 and 1205°C, depending on the alloy composition and degree of work hardening and stress relieving.

  • Very short, high frequency sound waves with center frequencies or pulses are transmitted into materials to test their thickness or detect internal flaws.  The frequencies range from 0.1-15 MHz up to 50 MHz.  Ultra-sonic testing is used in aerospace, automotive and transportation industries an often performed on steel and other alloys.

  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

    Superior grade, precision Tungsten Carbide tips specifically suited for your application. Cold saw cutting virtually eliminates the heat affected zones often incurred as part of the plasma cutting process and minimizes labor time and expense.  Our cutting process produces square and parallel edges at standard length and width tolerances flattened and deburred.   


  • Flatness, width and thickness measurements are taken through the use of discrete laser line sensors and lateral micrometers to ensure the precise gauge measurement of materials meets your exact specifications.

  • Square or round blanks are created through laser, cold saw or plasma cutting processes.  Materials are precision cut to tight-tolerances enabling customers to move to final machining upon receipt of their cut blanks. Our vast inventory, precision blanking expertise and variety of FirstCut+® options makes United Performance Metals the industry leader.  

  • The Boring process is used to enlarging a hole that has been previously drilled out. The boring process improves the accuracy the hole's diameter tolerances. It is also known as the counterpart to external turning. Boring types include Line Boring, Back Boring, Finish Boring and Counter-Boring. The boring process is used in many industries including Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Industrial.