Custom Rerolling

Our precision rerolling process produces custom engineered thin gauge stainless steel strip with extremely tight tolerance. Stainless steel repeatedly passes through our Sandzimir cold reversing mill to achieve measurable gauge reduction. The result is ultra-light, precision strip custom engineered to our customer’s desired thickness as low as .0008”.  For more information on our thin gauge strip click hereView our line card here.

Custom Rolled Stainless Steel Grades

United Performance Metals offers 301, 302/304, 304L DDQ, 305 DDQ, 316/316L DDQ, 317/317L, 321, and 347 stainless steel rerolled to gauge ranges from .0008” - .012”. Stainless steel coil widths are offered in 12”-13” with tolerance as tight as +/- .00004”. Slit coil width is offered from .250” – 12.5” with #3 slit edge and width tolerance of +/- .005” to .003”. 

Thin Gauge Strip Finishing Capabilities

UPM offers controlled hydrogen atmosphere annealing for a brighter finish. Surface finishes include 1BA and TR (Temper Rolled), with surface cleaning as thin as .0008”. Surface roughness is offered from 4-12 RA or as required. Flatness as rolled is 3% of thickness. Tension leveling for thin gauges is available upon request.

Thin Gauge Stainless Steel Tempers

Our custom rolled stainless strip is available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full Hard, and Spring Temper. Custom-calibrated hardening is also offered per customer request.

Solutions to Meet Your Exacting Requirements

UPM provides full chemical and mechanical certification to ASTM/AMS specifications and is DFARS compliant. Spring tempers have custom calibrated hardening per our customers' requirements. 

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