Build Plate QR Code Inventory

Introducing our build plate refurbishment program, where we specialize in revitalizing your build platforms to extend their lifespan and optimize performance. Our comprehensive solution encompasses inventory management, logistics handling, and refurbishment processes to ensure your build plates meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. With a focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, our program offers a seamless blend of innovation and expertise to enhance your additive manufacturing operations.


Comprehensive inventory supply chain management solutions tailored for customer build plates. Management of new plates, refurbishment processes, scrap handling, and logistical operations.

Full inventory oversight, encompassing inbound/outbound logistics management, returnable packaging utilization, expedited plate refurbishment, thorough historical tracking and life projection, efficient scrap management, new plate introduction, and provision of engineered refurb prints.

Serialization tracking system facilitating master serial tracking by model, monitoring plate thickness at introduction and after each refurbishment, charting thickness and material removal per cycle, estimating remaining cycles, managing scrap when at minimum thickness, introducing new plates, and employing QR code/bar code tracking for enhanced efficiency.