Trepanning services

Trepanning is a deep hole drilling process.  It is typically used on larger diameter bars.  The drilling process leaves a core.  The solid core may then be used on other orders.  The most basic trepanning process creates a hole through the entire length of a bar or plate.  Other methods keep the hole from going all the way through the material, creating what is called a blind hole.  In many cases trepanning is a first stage process which is usually then followed by honing for finish, or then moved onto further machining.

UPM Trepanning Services

United Performance Metals offers trepanning from 5.00" - 12.00" on center & off center up to 200" long.

Trepanning Applications

Trepanning's deep hole drilling process has broad applications over many industries including, Aerospace, Forging, Oil & Gas and Industrial.