At UPM Additive Solutions we understand the importance of maintaining the quality and precision of your 3D prints. Resurfacing build plates back to original specs and maintaining flatness and parallelism is important. UPM Additive Solutions provides in-house precision build plate resurfacing.


Ensuring Proper Leveling: Over time, build plates can develop uneven surfaces due to wear and tear. Resurfacing helps restore flatness, ensuring proper leveling. 

Promoting Adhesion: A smooth, clean build plate surface is vital for optimal adhesion between the first layer of the print and the plate. Resurfacing helps remove imperfections and residues, preventing issues like warping or detachment during printing.

Maintaining Print Quality: Resurfacing eliminates irregularities on the build plate surface, such as rough textures or scratches, which can impact print quality.

Extending Lifespan: Regular resurfacing can prolong the lifespan of your build plate by preventing damage from worsening over time. This helps preserve the integrity of the plate, reducing the need for costly replacements and minimizing downtime.

Cost Efficiency: While resurfacing requires some investment, it is more cost-effective than replacing the build plate altogether. By maintaining the existing plate through resurfacing, save money on replacement costs and minimizing disruptions to your printing workflow.