Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting solutions bring your cut metal to you more efficiently than ever before.  Whether you choose our fiber lasers or traditional CO2 lasers, UPM has a variety of laser cutting services to save you time and money.  Reduce the need for managing multiple sources for laser cut parts.  UPM offers 3 automatic deburr units, a parts flattening unit, and a complete finishing cell along with the latest technology in nesting software, Virtek reverse engineering, Fara CMM, and Visual Measuring Machine (VMM).

Fiber Laser Cutting Solutions

United Performance Metals is laser-focused on precision performance.  We offer state-of-the-art 8kw and 6kw fiber lasers, bringing your cut metal to you more efficiently than ever before. A fiber laser finish means tighter tolerances and superior finish quality.

  • Non-clamping, leading-edge technology allows for better sheet utilization
  • Quick set-up times and low maintenance equal repeatable, reliable performance

Click here to watch our fiber laser video. 

CO2 Laser Cutting Solutions

We deliver material that is custom cut to your exact specifications. Streamline your manufacturing process by receiving product ready to weld, form or bend.  UPM offers laser cut material in a variety of thicknesses and tolerances.

  • Reduce scrap by only paying for the metal you use
  • Increase profits by reducing the administrative burden of managing multiple sources
  • Reverse-engineering and inspection equipment ensures cut parts are delivered to your exact specifications

Leveling and Deburring

  • Our Arku EcoMaster flattens parts and prepares them subsequent processing
  • Uniformly deburr and finish the edges of laser cut machined parts with our Timesaver 

Laser Cutting Approvals

  • Our Mazak CO2 laser has been audited and certified to the requirements of the National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program AC7116 for Nonconventional Machining. View Certificate
  • United Performance Metals has been awarded a GE Transportation Aviation Special Process Certification for Laser Machining/Cutting (EE02, S-422). View Certificate