White Papers

White papers

United Performance Metals would like to be your valued partner in the supply and management of your high performance metal and alloy inventory.  As such, we offer a variety of free, industry related white papers that can assist in your day to day operations.  This page is your gateway to our archived list of white papers that may also add value to your metal buying experience.  Topics include:

  • Explaining The Differences Between Stainless Steel 304 and 316
  • Which Materials are the Best Fit for Your Heat Exchanger Application?
  • Explore the Popularity of Ti-6LA-4V
  • Machinable Advantages of PRODEC® Plate
  • Understanding the Difference: 17-4 PH vs. 17-7 PH Precipitation Hardening Alloys
  • The New Realities Facing Today’s OEM Subcontractor
  • Metal Matters; A Metal Buyer’s Guide to Industry Terminology
  • Is Social Media a Necessity for your Welding and Fabrication Business?
  • Practical Tips to Improve Your Operational Efficiency
  • Guidelines for Making Informed Stainless and High Temperature Alloy Purchases

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