R405 Hex Bar - UNS N04405 - Monel 405™ Equivalent

Monel R-405™ is a nickel-copper-alloy. This high strength, free-machining grade of 400 has more sulfur, improving its machinability. While it maintains virtually the same corrosion resistance and physical properties as 400, it's slightly different range of mechanical properties are best recommended for screw machine stock.

Other components that may use Monel R-405™ bar stock include valve parts and fasteners used in corrosive marine and seawater applications, and this alloy is especially resistant to de-aerated hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Aeration of these acids will reduce the excellent corrosion resistance found in alloy R-405™ fasteners.

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Standard Inventory Specifications

  • UNS N04405
  • ASTM B 164

Other industry standards we comply with:

  • QQ-N-281

Common Trade Names

  • MONEL Alloy R-405™ (Special Metals Corporation Group)
  • Alloy 405
  • Alloy R-405

Common Applications of R405

  • Automatic screw machine stock

Chemical Composition

R405 Chemical Composition
Element Percent by Weight
Ni Nickel (Plus Cobalt) 63.0 min.
C Carbon 0.3 maximum
Mn Manganese 2.00 maximum
Fe Iron 2.5 maximum
S Sulfur 0.025 - 0.060
Si Silicon 0.5 maximum
Cu Copper 28.0 - 34.00
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Physical Properties of R405 Bar

Density, g/cm³  8.80
Density, lb/in³  0.318
Melting Range °F  2370-2460
Melting Range °C  1300-1350
Modulus of Elasticity  10³ ksi 
Tension  26.0
Compression  26.0
Torsion  9.5
Poisson's Ration  0.32
Curie Temperature °F  70-120
Curie Temperature °C  21-49


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Mechanical Properties of R405 Bar

Condition Tensile Strength, ksi Yield Strength (0.2% offset) ksi Elongation % Hardness Brinell Hardness Rockwell B
Annealed 70-85 25-40 50-35 110-140 60-76
Hot Finished 75-90 35-60 40-30 130-170 72-86
Cold Drawn, As Drawn 85-115 50-105   160-245 85-23C


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