MP35N® Alloy Steel Bar - AMS 5844

MP35N® alloy steel bar is a nickel, chromium, cobalt alloy. This grade is non-magnetic and possesses an ultra-high tensile strength, and provides for good ductility.  This alloy has a maximum 750 degree F temperature capability.  In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance as well to chloride solutions, mineral acids, and in hydrogen sulfides. 

The ability of MP35N® to resist stress-corrosion and crevice corrosion often leads to to its selection as a fastener material, although its uses also include petrochemical equipment, racing engines and submersibles as well as medical devices and dental equipment.  This alloy is typically work-strengthened and aged to obtain strength levels of 260 to 300 ksi.

MP35N® Inventory Size Ranges


0.270"- 0.900"

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Standard Inventory Specifications

  • AMS 5844
  • SPS-M-663

Other industry standards we comply with:

  • GE Aircraft Engine (GT193)
  • GE Aviation S-SPEC-35 AeDMS S-400
  • RR SABRe Edition 2
  • DFARS Compliant

Common Applications of MP35N®

  • Aerospace fasteners
  • Tie rods
  • Chemical processing
  • Medical devices
  • Dental equipment
  • Cryogenic equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Oil & gas
  • Food processing

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition of MP35N®
Element Percent by Weight
C Carbon 0.02% max
Mn Manganese 0.15% max
P Phosphorus 0.015% max
S Sulfur 0.010% max
Si Silicon 0.015% max
Cr Chromium 19.00 - 21.00%
Ni Nickel 33.00 - 37.00%
Mo Molybdenum 9.00 - 10.50%
Co Cobalt Balance
Ti Titanium 1.00% max
B Boron 0.010%
Fe Iron 1.00% max
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Physical Properties of MP35N®

Density  0.304 lb/in³
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MP35N® is a registered trademark of SPS Technologies. 

*The technical data provided is for information only and not for design purposes. It is not warranted or guaranteed.