UPM Additive Solutions - A comprehensive additive manufacturing system

Introducing - UPM Additive

United Performance Metals has a long history identifying customer problems and developing unique and innovative solutions. We also know customers are looking for a trusted partner who understands their business and has the proven experience they can rely on. A company that has the people, products, value-added solutions, contractual management experience and financial strength that will help you grow your business.

What is UPM Additive?

It’s a complete closed loop solutions program designed to shift your time completely away from non-value-added processing and allow you to focus exclusively on what makes money for your business—making additive parts. Gone is the need for you to manage multiple vendors, spending your time and money procuring raw materials, dealing with long supply chain lead times, machining and resurfacing, part removal, and storing and scrapping used additive base plates. We have a proven solution for you—UPM Additive! 

UPM Solutions Provide Bottom-Line Value to Your Business!

  • Provides process & structure to your additive manufacturing
  • Reduces your direct/indirect procurement costs
  • Eliminates your non-value machining & refurbishment
  • Leverages UPM's material purchasing power
  • Increases your visibility & accountability
  • Eliminates your stock-outs with UPM's JIT programs
  • Leverages UPM's contract management experience
  • Reduces your outside vendors needed to one
  • Eliminates your material storage concerns

Please ask us about our other valuable products and services including:

  • Bar and wire feed stock
  • Custom packaging