Metal Bellows Applications

Metal Bellows Applications and materials

United Performance Metals provides the ready-to-weld materials your business requires.  We provide good, clean edges, free of inclusions.  Whether your industry is automotive, industrial or aerospace, we stock the materials you need for your application.






316L, Inconel, Titanium, C276

Store the potential energy of liquid or gas and smooth out pulsations

Aerospace, Industrial Gases, Oil & Gas,     Sub-Sea Controls, Fluid Management


304, 347, 316L, Titanium, HX, Inconel

Transfer pressure or temperature into linear motion or apply force

Hydraulic systems, Pneumatic Cylinders, Sensors


316L, Titanium

Compensates for feedback or changes in pressure or temperature

Aerospace, Cryogenics

Expansion Joint

304L, 316L, 321, 347, Inconel

Flexible connector allows for temperature related structural changes

Engine Exhaust, Turbo, Boiler, Silencer,   Turbine

Lifter Bellow

347, 316L

Transport or hoisting system for processing equipment

Semiconductor, Automation, Photo Voltaic

Mechanical Feed Through

321, 347, 316L

Flexible seal allowing movement of a tool within pressure environment

Semiconductor, Cryogenics, Automation, Pumps

Mechanical Seal

316L, Inconel, C276

Running seal between two parts reducing radial runout or flush

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water,              Pharmaceutical

Vibrations Dampening

347, 316L

Isolates vibrations between a shaft and ring

Semiconductor, Cryogenics, Oil & Gas,    Exhaust Dampening


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