Aerospace Airframe Applications

Fuselage materials

United Performance Metals is your specialty metals solutions center, offering global access to our high-performance inventory for the aerospace industry. We offer quality approvals such as AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, DFARS complaint materials, and a broad range of aerospace OEM approvals to give you peace of mind with every order. Our custom supply chain solutions include JIT or Min/Max, immediate shipment or long-term agreements, and materials that can be matched to your part specification. Whether your business supports aviation MRO, aero engine, airframe, aero systems, components or other aerospace needs, United Performance Metals will exceed your most stringent performance goals.

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Part Material
Aft Fuselage & Tail Cone Ti 6-2-4-2, 625
Cargo Access Doors Ti-6-4, 15-5 PH 
Door Surrounds Ti 6-4, 15-5 PH 
Fuselage Body Panel, Side Frames & Spars Ti 6-4
Nose Gear Door Ti 6-4, 15-5 PH 
Payload Adaptor Beams & Splices Ti 6-4, 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH 
T-Chord Ti 6-4
Window Surrounds Ti 6-4
Side of Body Cord Ti 6-4
Seat Tracks Ti 6-4
Scuff Plate & Skid Plate Ti 6-4
Vapor Barriers Ti 6-4

Landing Gear

Part Material
Piccolo Tubes Ti 6-4, 10-2-3, 15-5 PH 

Nacelle & Pylons

Part Material
Fairing Strut & Primary Structure of Pylon Ti 6-4, 15-5 PH
Nacelle Ti 6-4, Ti 6-2-4-2, CP Ti


Part Material
HTP Center Joint Ti 6-4
Spars Ti 6-4
Vertical Stabilizer Ti 6-4
Tail Ti 6-4


Part Material
Wing Panels & Flap Track Ti 6-4, 15-5 PH
Vapor Barriers Ti 6-4
Heat Shield Ti 6-4
Leading Edge Ti 6-4
Ailerons, Flap Bracket, Trailing Edge, Trunions & Spars & Ribs Ti 6-4

Wing Box

Part Material
Wingbox & Body Fairing

Ti 6-4

15-5 PH

Universal Applications

Part Material
Fasteners, Brackets & Fittings & Clips Ti 6-4
Engine Yolks, Curciform, Flap & Slat Tracks, Fuel Lines Ti 6-4, 10-2-3

Ti 6-4, CP Ti

625, 718, 321,


Tube & Fittings Ti6-4, CP Ti

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