United Performance Metals (UPM) released a new corporate video developed as part of the International Titanium Association’s “Industry Spotlight” series. 

The new corporate video provides an inside look at UPM as narrated by Curt Gillingham, Director of Sales; Jerry St. Clair, Director of Product Management; and Jeff Hopper, Chicago Operations Lead.  The content includes the company genesis, locations, industries served, and the breadth of products and services offered by UPM. 

Through their narrative, the phrase “Quality Solutions. Trusted Partners” is revealed as more than just a company tagline; but the very heart of UPM itself.    

As a member of the International Titanium Association, United Performance Metals was honored to be part of the “Industry Spotlight” video series from ITA.  The video premiered between general sessions at the ITA conference in Mobile, Alabama this September.

The video is available for viewing on the company website Look for it under the media tab within our list of videos. 

You can watch all videos produced by UPM on our YouTube channel as well.

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