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Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Field Grants a Dream to UPM Family


United Performance Metals was privileged to take part in the development of the new Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Field in Fairfield, Ohio.  The field is uniquely constructed to serve the needs of baseball-loving children and young adults with disabilities.  UPM’s involvement has recently taken on a greater significance, particularly to Slitter Operator Kyle Lunsford, his fiancé Julie, and her son Carson. 


Carson has Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, which results in an overall flimsiness of the body and poor muscle development.  As a small child, he was required to wear neck braces, ankle braces, and was confined to a walker.  After countless hours of therapy, Carson finally walked on his own at three years old.


Last weekend, Carson enjoyed another first; participating in a game of baseball at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Field Grand Opening.  For Kyle and Julie, watching Carson run to first base was truly a dream come true.


“When Carson was diagnosed with CP, it felt like the loss of a dream,” Julie says.  “When you have a little boy, you picture him growing up playing sports and doing all kinds of things, and it was heartbreaking to think he may be confined to a wheelchair.  The Miracle League Field has given that dream back to Carson and so many other kids.” 


Kyle and Julie expressed their gratitude for all the companies and volunteers who have donated money, material, and time to the project.   They are particularly touched by UPM’s involvement in the project.  Kyle commented, “Our laser cut signs looked great on the fields!”


As Carson nears his fifth birthday on August 31st, he enjoys all kinds of activities.  He loves playing baseball, throwing football in his backyard, and even helping Kyle work on his Jeep!   While he continues to face new challenges every day, Carson doesn’t have any reservations that he will one day be a firefighter or policeman.  “I help people!” he says.  And the legacy of the Nuxhall family continues.


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Posted August 3, 2012


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