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Four Seconds to Safety

Perhaps the best tool to come along is the Field Level Risk Assessment or Job Hazard Analysis. This is a tool that makes everyone stop and think about the different risks associated with the task. This exercise greatly reduced the number and severity of injuries where this was done.

Simply take a four-second “reset”. Take four seconds before starting a new or familiar task. This act of refocusing has been shown to reduce the probability of an injury incident by more than 90% versus not taking the four seconds.  You may have done the task you are about to perform thousands of times before. In your mind, you know that you could do it with your eyes closed. It is usually not the task itself but some small thing you did not anticipate that causes the incident. You did not notice the debris in front of the tool you were going to pick up. You did not notice somebody placed something on the part you were about to pick up. You did not realize how heavy a piece is that you were asked to help carry.

It is easy to imagine the different activities we do every day and how this applies.  For example, getting in a forklift and having a quick look around.  We change our thinking from where we are going to focusing on the area, other vehicles adn so on.  This is the "reset" we are talking about.  Believe it or not, four seconds is all it takes.  Get in this habit of taking four seconds and you significantly reduce your chance of injury.  If you get into the habit of taking chances or simply cruising from job to job, you will eventually get injured.  This four second "reset" is an excellent way to refocus on the job at hand and one that is a very effective method to prevent injury on and off the job. 

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Posted February 12, 2019

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