Dawn Clark and Family - Down on the Farm




By Shannon Miranda


Like most other high school students, Katie Clark, 15, daughter of United Performance Metals' Senior Account Manager Dawn Clark, is involved in multiple activities. Being a junior at Talawanda High School, Katie is a varsity cheerleader for the school's football and basketball teams; however, she is also involved in 4-H and Future Farmers of America and recently won multiple awards at the Butler County Fair.



Katie became interested with 4-H and FFA when she was seven years old. Her two older sisters, who are now 22 and 24, had also been involved. Since her family lives on a small farm, Katie keeps her animals close to home and cares for them with the help of her parents. Most recently, she had been taking care of two sheep and two pigs for the 2010 Butler County Fair. Katie's family also has lambs and goats on their farm. "It teaches her responsibility and taking care of her projects," says Dawn.



At the recent Butler County Fair, Katie showed her four animals in multiple classes that are separated by the weight of the animal. After she gets herself ready for the day, dressed in jeans, a special button down shirt, and a special belt, Katie must get her animals ready for the day as well. She prepares her animals by feeding, washing, and brushing them. This year, Katie did not name her animals. After each fair, the animals go to the packer. Dawn explains, "She used to name her animals, but when you name them, then you become personally attached to them. Then they leave, and it's really hard. [This past year] she cried when her sheep left. Even though she's been doing it so many years, it's still hard."



This year's fair was a big win for Katie. Her greatest accomplishment was being named the Reserved Champion for her lamb at the Butler County Junior Fair Born and Raised Sheep Show. She also won Swine Showmanship, first place in age group, and second in Sheep Showmanship in her age group. Dawn especially enjoys memories of her daughters winning awards over the years. "They work so hard during the summer that it is nice to see them win. Then, their hard work pays off."



Posted July 30, 2012
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