310S Stainless Steel Plate - AMS 5521

310S  is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel designed for elevated-temperature service. The high Cr and Ni contents enable the alloys to resist oxidation in continuous service at temperatures up to 1200°C, provided reducing sulfur gases are not present. In intermittent service, it can be used at temperatures up to 1030°C as it resists scaling and has a relatively low coefficient of expansion. This alloy has superior resistance in carburizing environments and is used for their high-temperature oxidation resistance in applications such as furnace parts, mufflers, radiant tubes, and ammonia converters.

Standard Inventory Specifications

  • UNS S31000
  • AMS 5521

Common Applications of 310S Stainless Steel Plate

  • Furnace parts and shafts
  • Muffles
  • Radiant tubes
  • Ammonia converters
  • Carbon Saggers
  • Power Boiler Tube Hangers
  • Brazing fixtures
  • Glass forming equipment
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Food Processing

Inventory Size Range

  • Plate : 0.1875" - 0.250"

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Chemical Properties of 310S Stainless Steel

Mn Si Ni P S C    
MIN 24.0< 19.0
MAX 26.0 2.0 1.50 22.0 0.045 0.030 0.080

Physical Properties of 310S Stainless Steel

Density 7.9 kg/m3
Melting Range 7.9 kg/m3
Specific Heat Capacity 500 J/kgK
Thermal Conductivity (@100 °C) 14.2 [W/mK]
Modulus of Elasticity (Tension) 200 GPa
Poisson’s Ratio 0.3

Mechanical Properties of 310S Stainless Steel

Yield Strength, ksi 30
Tensile Strength, ksi 75
Elongation, % 40
Hardness [HRB] 95

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