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Monel® K500 Round Bar

Monel® K500 is a nickel-copper alloy with age hardening properties imparted by alloying additions of aluminum and titanium. Its basic composition is similar to that of Monel®400 but the alloying additions make it age hardenable under controlled conditions of temperature and time. This alloy can be delivered in the annealed, stress equalized, hot finished or age-hardened conditions.

  • K500, Monel, K500 Monel, alloy 500
    Monel® K500

K500 Bar

Standard Inventory Specifications

  • QQ-N-286 - Form 1
  • UNS N05500

Characteristics of Alloy K500:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in an extensive range of natural and Chemical environments
  • Excellent resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking
  • Very high strength and hardness

After age-hardening Monel® K500 alloy has:

  • Approximately 2 to 3 times higher mechanical properties than Nickel-copper Monel © 400
  • High tensile properties up to about 650°C (1200°F)
  • Good fatigue and corrosion fatigue resistance
  • Low permeability; non-magnetic down to -135°C (-210°F)

Metallurgical Structure

  • Monel® K-500 alloy has a face-centered cubic structure. In the age-hardened Condition a Ni3Al phase is formed with similar structure.

Inventory Size Range

  • K500 Round Bar is supplied in : 0.500" - 1.750"

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The technical data provided is for information only and not for design purposes. It is not warranted or guaranteed.

* MONEL is a trademark of the Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

Alloy K500 Chemical Composition

Element Percent By Weight
Monel K500
Ni Nickel 63% min
Mn Manganese 1.50% max
Si Silicon 0.50% max
Fe Iron 2.00% max
Al Aluminum 2.30% - 3.15%
S Sulfur 0.010% max
C Carbon 0.18% max
Cu Copper 27.0% - 33.0%

Common Applications

Monel K-500 alloy finds wide applications in the marine, chemical, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries. Typical applications include:

  • Valve seals, pump sleeves and wear rings in marine environments - high strength and resistance to seawater
  • Pump shafts for fire-fighting pumps - high strength (resulting in smaller diameter shafts) and resistance to flowing seawater
  • Propeller shafts - high strength (resulting in smaller diameter shafts and thus smaller bearings) and resistance to seawater
  • Fasteners e.g. bolts, used in marine atmospheres and tidal waters - resistance to chloride - containing environments
  • Doctor blades and scrapers
  • Towing cable armoring - high strength, non-magnetic properties and resistance to seawater
  • Springs - resistance to a variety of corrosive media
  • Oil well drilling equipment such as non-magnetic drill collars, valves and instrumentation sleeves - resistance to chloride-containing media and sour gas environments
  • Aviation instrument components - non-magnetic properties

Physical Properties and Corrosion Resistance

  • In general the corrosion resistance of Monel® K-500 alloy is similar to that of Monel®400. Excellent resistance is shown to a wide range of media from pure water to mineral acids, salts and alkalis. This alloy is virtually immune to Chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking. In the aged condition, the grade may be susceptible to stress-corrosion cracking in moist, aerated hydrofluoric
  • Acid vapor at stresses near the yield strength. In high velocity seawater and in marine atmospheres, good resistance is shown but, in slow moving or stagnant seawater, pitting may occur. Monel K500 also shows good resistance in sour-gas environments.

Mechanical Properties

  • The following properties are applicable to Monel® K-500 alloy in the stated conditions and forms as well as the indicated size range (according to QQ-N-286). Specified properties of material outside these ranges are subject to special inquiry.

Tensile Data

Mechanical Property Requirements


Ultimate Tensile

Yield Strength (0.2% OS)



Rockwell C, min.

Hardness Brinell 3000 kg, min.

Cold Worked/SR Over 1(25.4) to 3


140 KSi

100 KSi







965 MPa

690 MPa




Hot Worked/ Aged Hardened


140 KSi

100 KSi







965 MPa

690 MPa




Properties may vary based on diameter.

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