Precision Blanks

Precision blanking goes beyond standard cut-to-length and slitting by taking the cut metal and creating smaller, more precise pieces that are customized for the end user.  Blanks can be square, round or a custom shape, and can be formed through laser, cold saw or plasma cutting processes or even by more traditional steps in the leveling and cut-to-length process.

Why Order Precision Blanks?

Finished blanks can move into the next step of fabrication right from our production floor, enabling customers to move to final machining upon receipt.  At United Performance Metals, the blanks we produce are precision cut to tight-tolerances.  This step eliminates the need to ourtsource your material to additional vendors.  Our vast inventory, precision blanking expertise and variety of FIRSTCUT+® Processing Services makes United Performance Metals your one-stop shop for precision blanks.  

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