Plasma Cutting

In plasma cutting, a column of electrically charged gas creates a high-energy arc, which melts the material being worked in a narrow path.  A good alternative for flame-cutting, the plasma-cutting process was originally developed to cut electically conductive materials such as alloy steel or aluminum.

United Performance Metals Plasma Cutting Capabilities

  • Our Messer hi-definition plasma cutter is capable of cutting stainless and nickel plate up to 5” thick.
  • The plasma cutter utilizes computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems for the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Our nesting software helps reduce scrap by maximizing the number of products per sheet or plate.
  • To ensure clean parts, we can shot blast, tumble blast, or grind the plasma cut edge of the cut parts.
  • Skidding, shrink wrapping or special packaging is also available upon request.

Key Features of Plasma Cutting

  • Smooth and square edges
  • Good cutting speed for high levels of production
  • Reduced heat transfer
  • Wide range of material compatability
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