Alloy A-286 Nickel Sheet & Coil - AMS 5525

Available Thicknesses in Inches
Available Thicknesses in Millimeters
1.778 - 2.108
1.422 - 1.676
1.143 - 1.321
.940 - 1.143
.838 - .940
.737 - .838
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Alloy A-286 nickel is an iron-based super alloy useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures. A-286 can be hardened to a strength level. The alloy is also useful for low temperature applications requiring a ductile, non-magnetic high strength material at temperatures ranging from above room temperature down to at least -320 degrees Fahrenheit. This alloy can also be used for moderately corrosive applications in aqueous solutions. All of our A-286 is ordered to specific decimal thicknesses. See the list to the left for thickness ranges.




All of our Alloy A-286 nickel sheet and nickel coil is ordered to specific decimal thicknesses.


We supply Alloy A-286 nickel sheet in widths from 36" down to .250" and standard lengths of 96" and 120", but are capable of shearing or custom leveling to your required lengths and widths.


Alloy A-286 nickel coil can also be slit to your desired width.


United Performance Metals Alloy A-286 nickel sheet and nickel coil is supplied to AMS 5525.


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